4 Reasons to Consider Deep Cleaning Your Apartment When You Move Out

You’re moving on to new and better things — congrats! But before you go, you should probably clean your apartment. It sounds like a huge bummer and waste of time, right?

Unfortunately, not deep cleaning your apartment can come with some serious consequences. The following discusses the importance of deep cleaning your apartment prior to moving out.

  1. Your Security Deposit Depends on It

The security deposit is an extra chunk of money that you’ll get back when you move out. However, receiving the security deposit only happens if the requirements of the lease contract are met.

Usually, the security deposit covers any damage or vandalism to the apartment and any above-normal wear and tear. For example, stains, scuff marks, food spills etc.

It’s to your benefit to always receive a detailed explanation of what’s required in writing. Go over every appliance, shelf, nook, and cranny. If the property manager says to leave it how you found it, you should take pictures of the apartment’s state when you moved in.

  1. White Gloves Inspection

Some property management companies go above and beyond in making sure the space is clean for the next tenant. Sweeping up crumbs and cleaning the window glass isn’t going to cut it in this case.

Deep cleaning every inch of the apartment’s ceiling, floors, and walls will be expected. They’ll want you to leave it as clean as your found it.

An easy way to resolve this is by hiring a qualified cleaning service to come clean the apartment once your property is removed. It means less stress for you, and less time on your knees scrubbing.

  1. It Could Affect Your Credit Score

So, you don’t want to clean your apartment, or have it cleaned professionally because you don’t care about this place anymore. Here’s what’ll happen:

  • The landlord will calculate how much work needs to be done to fix and clean the apartment you left.
  • If the work needed exceeds the security deposit, they’ll send you a bill for the remaining amount.
  • If you don’t pay this bill it will be sent to collections, which will impact your credit score.

If you’re more inclined to stick to your guns on this issue and refuse to meet the security deposit requirements for deep cleaning, your credit score is at risk.

  1. You Want a Good Landlord Reference

If you’re moving into a nicer complex or condo unit, most property owners will ask for references from your past landlords.

Leaving your last apartment on bad terms because you didn’t clean it to their standards will likely not result in receiving a good reference.

Always think ahead when dealing with landlords, contracts, and future applications.

Not a Fan of Deep Cleaning?

Don’t worry about it!

Remove the stress and spend your time doing what you want instead of cleaning. By hiring a cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can find a free estimate tool, an overview of services, and list of eligible locations on our website.