Five Spots Even a Clean Lake Forest Homeowner Forgets to Wash

Have you ever stopped to think about how clean your Lake Forest house is?

A shocking 60% of Moms feel like society judges them on how clean their home is. So, we’re here to help ease the burden.

Filth steadily builds up in some unexpected places. Rest assured we’re on hand to help tackle this.

Here’s our advice for effective house cleaning for your Lake Forest home.

Five Spots Even a Clean Lake Forest Homeowner Forgets to Wash

  1. Don’t Forget the Toilet, and Behind It

Always clean behind the toilet. Often this area is neglected.

This results in all manner of grime and bacteria growing in the crevices of your bathroom – yuk!

So, if you’re wondering where that awful smell is coming from when you step into your bathroom, there’s a good chance the source of the odor is behind the loo!

It doesn’t matter how old boys get; they never seem to get the knack of adequately aiming for the toilet – despite all of your nagging.

  1. Your Toothbrush Holder Needs Love Too

Have you taken a look at your toothbrush holder?

It’s likely there’s a wet and gunky residue at the bottom. You’ll need to pour this away, and thoroughly disinfect it.

Remember to hold your nose because it’ll stink!

  1. Don’t Forget Pillows on Chilly Lake Forest Nights

We’re usually quite good at washing the pillowcases in our bedrooms. However, when did you last give your throw pillows a clean?

Believe it or not, the throw cushions in your living room are collecting the same dead skin and dust that your bedroom pillows do- gross!

Be sure to consult the washing instructions on the label. This will help you avoid any nasty surprises when your throw pillows come out of the wash.

  1. Utilities Like Door Handles and Light Switches

When you consider how many dirty hands use your door handles and light switches on a daily basis, you’ll appreciate why they need a good cleaning.

Especially, in the bathroom!

This is nothing a quick wipe over with Detol can’t fix.

  1. Make Sure to Get Under the Fridge

Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

When dirt builds up in your home in hard to reach places, you’ll unwittingly breathe in all manner of filth particles.

With that being said, we dare you to pull out your fridge and see what’s there. There’s a high chance they’ll be a thick layer of crumbs, grease, and dust.

We advise you to pull out your fridge once every few months to give it a clean under there.

Do You Need House Cleaning?

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