Keep Your Glass Stovetop Clean with These Five Simple Tips

Keeping a glass stovetop clean is typically not an easy task. The combination of material and location can make it a troublesome place for many homeowners.

However, it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to keep your glass stovetop clean and gleaming all year round.

Tips for Cleaning Glass Stove Top

Here are five secrets behind effective stovetop maintenance and keeping that glass stove top spotless.

  1. Keeping it Cool

The key to effective stovetop maintenance is to always clean it when it is cool.

This is for several reasons. The key ones being that cleaning a recently used glass stovetop carries a risk of injury. You don’t want to burn yourself as you scrub.

Secondly, and most important in terms of cleaning, applying products to a hot surface could lead to the chemicals burning into the glass. These harmful liquids can damage the surface, leaving it stained and harder to clean.

  1. Use Microfiber Clothes to Keep Your Stove Clean

There are many different cleaning products and tools out there, but when it comes to a clean stove, nothing beats microfiber.

Using a microfiber cloth as your primary stovetop cleaner is going to help preserve the integrity of your stove. The soft fabric will not scratch or damage the glass surface, even if working on a stubborn stain.

  1. Correct Cleaning Products Are Vital

The market is flooded with cleaning products, and it can be hard to know which is the best for kitchen maintenance. The truth is, they are all good at the right time.

For correct stovetop maintenance, you should use a cleaning product that is specifically designed for that purpose. They are thick, and often creamy in consistency, and lack the abrasive qualities of many other cleaners.

  1. Don’t Delay Cleaning Your Kitchen Tops

At the end of the day, the idea of cleaning your stovetop is not the most appealing thing in the world, but it is important for effective kitchen maintenance.

When looking at how to clean stovetops, your best bet for success is to tackle the problem as soon as possible. Remember tip 1 above, wait until your glass stovetop is cool. However, as soon as it is you should tackle whatever clean up there is to be done.

The longer you leave it, the harder the stains will be to remove, and the higher the chance of lasting damage being caused.

  1. When Deep Cleaning is Needed, Razor Blades Can Help

If you happen to have a very dirty stove, then a good deep cleaning session might be called for. For tough jobs like this, you can be saved by bringing out a razor blade or sharp knife.

You will need a steady hand so not to cause any damage, but when extreme measures are needed, you have to take the risk.

Apply a warm, moist cloth to the area, maybe even a little baking soda, and then gently scrape away the heaviest stains with a razor blade. Your stovetop will be gleaming again in no time.

Don’t Be Afraid of Installing a Glass Stovetop

When you understand the basics of good kitchen maintenance, there is no need to be afraid of installing a nice glass stovetop. They look great and can change the balance of any kitchen for the better.

Still not sure you have the skills for keeping it clean? Don’t worry. Get in touch with us today to make use of our cleaning services. We can help you keep your home clean.