Keeping Sand at Bay: How to Clean Sand from Your Home After Summer Vacation

There are many pros and cons of living in a vacation home, but one of the downsides, at least for people in beach homes, is dealing with all that sand that can get tracked indoors.

Those sneaky grains can find their way onto your flooring and carpeting, in your bedding, and pretty much everywhere else. However, by being proactive, you can keep your home or vacation rental free of sand.

Here are some tips on how to clean sand from your home.

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Prevent it from Invading Your Property

The best way to keep your home sand-free is to prevent it from getting inside in the first place. That means shaking all of your beach items outdoors on the lawn before bringing them inside your house. Shake out blankets, footwear, bags, swimsuits, clothing, and anything else that came into contact with the sand.

Create a Rinse Area

Set up a raised wooden platform near your garden hose where you can rinse the sand off your feet before entering your home. Don’t have a garden hose in a handy place? Use a watering can to shower off your feet.

Remove Sand with Baby Powder

Baby powder is notorious for removing sand from damp feet. Sprinkle on liberally and brush the sand away from your feet and legs.

Install an Outdoor Shower

If you have the room, budget, and visit the beach often, consider installing an outdoor shower where you can rinse off the sand. You can also purchase a solar shower bag designed to warm water in the sun before rinsing yourself off.

Brush Away Sand with a Paint Brush

Have paintbrushes readily available outside to gently whisk sand off your feet and legs and from your sandals.

Removing Sand from Your Home

While these tips will help prevent a lot of sand from getting dragged inside, you may still find yourself feeling it underneath your bare feet as you walk through your home. To remove traces of sand from hard floors, remember that moisture is your friend and sand clings to wet surfaces. Use a damp or wet mop or sponge to remove sand from floors and other hard surfaces.

When sand is dry, vacuuming should do the trick. Vacuum all carpeting and rugs (or bring small rugs outside and shake them.) You can also try steam cleaning your small rugs, which will also make them look like new.

Now You Know How to Clean Sand from Your Home

Whether it’s just a one-time summer trip to the beach, or you’re living on the coast, following these tips on how to clean sand from your home will keep your permanent, vacation, or rental residence, grit-free through the summer months.

Whether your home needs a deep cleaning or regular housekeeping maintenance, Hour Maid is dedicated to keeping your permanent or vacation home clean. Contact us for a free estimate if you need a helping hand.