Tips and Tricks for a Clean Shower

Most people are good about cleaning the bathroom sink and toilet once a week, but unfortunately the shower often goes untouched.

You might be shocked to learn that your dirty showerhead could actually make you sick.

Scientists found a correlation between dirty showerheads and nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) lung infections.

Cleaning the shower is essential for good health, so let’s find out how to do it.

Tips and Tricks for a Clean Shower

Clean Your Shower While You Clean Your Body

One of the easiest ways to clean the shower is to do it while you’re cleaning yourself. If done on a regular basis, it only takes a couple of extra minutes.

Start with the proper tools. You’ll need:

  • A small bucket or caddy
  • Several stiff nylon brushes in various sizes
  • A squeegee
  • A dry, clean cloth
  • White vinegar
  • Daily shower spray

Keep the tools right outside the shower door or curtain. That way the tools don’t end up moldy and dirty too.

Don’t be fooled by ineffective cleaning hacks you read on the Internet. A little elbow grease is essential.

Tackle the Showerhead

Don’t neglect the showerhead. It’s easy to forget it, but it collects bacteria like other moist parts of the shower.

This is one thing you can’t clean while you’re taking your shower. Deep clean the showerhead about once a month.

After the last person has showered for the day, pour about two cups of white vinegar into a sturdy zip-type bag. Immerse the showerhead in the bag of vinegar.

Tie the bag around the showerhead making sure all spray holes are immersed.

Go ahead and leave it while you’re at work for the day. After about three hours, residue and mineral deposits dissolve! Rinse and then dry the showerhead and leave it until next month.

Shower Curtains, Glass, Tile, and Fiberglass

Do you have glass shower doors? Make sure you squeegee them down after every use. Use shower glass cleaner about once a week.

Using the squeegee every day cuts down on moisture and soap scum buildup. This makes your monthly deep cleaning easier.

Spray the shower interior (fiberglass, tile, etc) with cleaning spray before you enter. Let it sit for a minute. When you take your shower, rub it down with a nylon brush.

Spray the shower walls after every time you shower. You can use a store-bought spray, or try a homemade cleaning spray.

Shower curtains are prone to mold buildup. Make sure you spray down the shower curtain after using the shower spray and then a quick dry with a clean rag.

Once a month, soak the shower curtain for a couple of hours in the tub with a cup of kosher salt thrown in. The salt inhibits the growth of mildew. Pull it out, wipe it dry, and rehang it.

Know You Know How to Clean a Shower

Know you know how to clean a shower every day to keep it shiny and free of bacteria.

Spray it down with cleaner before you get in. Then take an extra minute or two at the end of your shower to wipe and squeegee. Deep clean the showerhead and shower curtain once a month.

These habits make keeping the shower clean a breeze!

You still don’t like to clean yourself? Call the experts for help!