Tidying Up: Keeping a Clean House Between House Cleaning Visits

Keeping a clean house can affect way more than just how our home looks. Studies have shown a strong link between a clean home and happiness, so making sure your home is mess-free and tidy is more important than ever before.

However, busy lives leave little time for housekeeping, so it’s a good idea to ask for help from the house cleaning professionals. How do you keep your home tidy in the interim though? Here are some simple tips about keeping a clean house between cleaning visits.

Keeping a Clean House

Invest in Some Tidy-Boxes

The bane of our tidy lives is clutter. Clutter is annoying, but sometimes the thought of putting lots of little things away can seem overwhelming. To counter this, invest in some tidy-boxes for each room.

These can be anything from wicker baskets to collapsible storage boxes. Just make sure they’re portable. Then at the end of each day, go around the room and put any leftover clutter into your tidy-box to put away later.

Write a Tidy-Up Schedule

When thinking of how to keep the house clean, there are some rooms in a home that get messier faster than others (kids, we’re looking at you!). Playrooms, kids’ rooms, and kitchens naturally take a beating every day.

Spend 10 minutes mentally walking around your house and write down which rooms are your family’s weakness. Then, make sure everyone knows to tidy these up during the week before your next cleaning visit.

Scan Each Room

This is an easy one. At the end of each day, or before you have guests, do a quick scan of each room. You know what your house should look like. If anything appears where it shouldn’t, put it away to keep the place tidy.

Give the Bathroom(s) Some Love

The bathroom is a particularly special room and requires some extra attention. While the bathroom’s where we want to be in the morning to get washed, brushed, and clean for the day, all that dirt’s got to go somewhere, right?

Invest in some antibacterial wipes and keep them in your bathroom(s). Then at the end of each day, give your toilet seat a wipe down and clean down the sink. This will keep your bathroom hygienic and clean until your next cleaning visit.

Vacuum Between Visits

The amount of dust in your home will depend on your lifestyle, flooring choices, and whether you have pets. Either way, you’ll get some dust buildup through the week, so vacuum at least your living room and communal areas between visits.

Follow Our Tips for Keeping a Clean House

When it comes to our mood and well-being, keeping a clean house is a big deal. If a cleaning schedule is too much hassle right now, there are still a few things you can do keep your house clean until the next visit.

Invest in tidy-boxes, scan each room, and focus on the bathrooms between cleaning visits. If you keep on top of these little jobs, you’ll be well on your way to keeping a clean house all the time.

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