Top Five Closet Organization Tips

We wear 20% of our clothes, 80% of the time. The rest just clutter up our closets.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find the space to store the clothes that we aren’t using without having to spend money on a storage unit every month.

How can you remedy this? By making it easier to locate items in your closet. All you need to do is follow these five closet organization tips.

closet organization tips

This will help you know where everything is and therefore let you find items easier and faster.

  1. Embrace the Hooks 

Hooks can be incredibly useful for the storage of a variety of different items, for example you should consider using hooks to hang your shoes. Using hooks is a great way to utilize the empty space you have on a wall.

You could even use them to hang your luggage on the wall on the inside of your closet, like that space above the inside of the door that you never look at.

  1. Use Adjustable Shelving 

Your shelving should adjust to your needs, not you adjusting to your shelving. Start by looking at your existing shelving.

If there are more than 12 inches of space from one space to the next, you have spare space you aren’t utilizing. Move your shelves so they are closer together.

Once you’ve moved your shelves closer together you can add storage spaces. This could be an under shelf rack.

  1. Organize by Use 

Store the things that you use every day, or the most, at eye level. This puts the most used items front and center.

Use the uppermost shelves for items that you rarely use. This space is out of the way and you’ll rarely look at it.

You’ll also want to group items. This will make it easier to locate the things you are looking for. For instance, group all of the pants together, all of the shoes together, and all of the dresses together.

  1. Shrink Pack Seasonal Clothes

Let’s face it, that winter coat takes up a lot of room! Also, why clog your closet up with summer dresses in the dead of winter?

Use large vacuum bags to reduce the bulk of your seasonal clothes to half their size. Simply pack the bags with your clothes and then suck the air out with a vacuum.

If you also store spare linens in your closet, you can vacuum those too. Try it with spare bedding, towels, or guest linens.

  1. Embrace a Shoe Rack

If your shoes are scattered all over the floor of your closet, then it’s time to embrace a shoe rack. This lets you get vertical with your shoe storage.

Not only will this help keep them organized, but it will also help protect them. Stacking them on shelves will help them maintain their shape better.

Get Organizing with These Five Closet Organization Tips

What are you waiting for? Go look at your closet and see if you can put any of these five closet organization tips to use. The easiest way to get started is to decide what items you use the most.

Then look at your shelving to see if you can improve upon it. You may find that once you vacuum your seasonal gear you have a lot more space than you thought to work with.

If you are busy trying to get your closet organized and need help cleaning the rest of your home, get your free estimate today for your cleaning and organizing needs.